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Don't Replace It ! Reglaze It !

Bathtub refinishing, countertop refinishing and ceramic tile refinishing can extend the useful life of your existing bath and kitchen fixtures for up to 15 years or more. 

We offer the following :

  • Bathtub Reglazing & Refinishing
  • Reglazing & Resurfacing Fiberglass & Acrylic Tub & Surrounds
  • Ceramic Tile Refinishing & Reglazing & Tile Re Grouting 
  • Countertop Refinishing 
  • Fiberglass Repair & Refinishing ( Napco Inlay System )
  • Scratch & Chip Repairs
  • Antique Clawfoot Bath Tub Repair & Refinishing
* Installation Of Anti-Slip Resistant Surfaces For Bathroom Safety ( Industry Recommend )
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take a look at our video of Reglazing Process in our Pictures section.


Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing will save you 80% over the replacement of a new bathtub !!


When it comes to bathtub refinishing we are the experts! Bathtub refinishing with NCR  is the fast and easy way to experience bath remodeling at a fraction of the cost of replacement of a bathtub or installing bathtub liners. Bathtub refinishing can be done on:

Bathtubs, Ceramic Tile & Surrounds, Counter Tops and Kitchen Cabinets

There is no need to remove or replace bathtubs, sinks or vanities when remodeling your bathroom.

Hard to keep clean, stained tubs, chiped tubs or out-of-date colors are the most common reasons for bathtub or bathroom fixture refinishing. Even chips and scratches can be beautifully repaired - quickly and inexpensively.

With our high tech performance bath tub refinishing products we can repair almost any porcelain bathtub, fiberglass bathtub, surround, ceramic bathtub, cast iron, or acrylic bath tub. Our refinishing process is so durable, it can add 15 to 20 more years of useful service life to your bathtub or ceramic tile surround. Our bathtub refinishing finishes are such high quality coatings that most people can't tell any difference between a bathtub refinished and a brand new bathtub. 

Tile Refinishing

Refinishing Bathroom Tiles will save you big!!

Do you have unsightly or damaged tiles in your bathroom or kitchen?   Looking to replace it? Refinishing your tile bathtub surrounds or ceramic tile on your walls or countertops is both, economical and practical alternative to replacement. Buying replacement tile can be expensive, and the process of removal and installation can be a hassle. If you have chipped or cracked tile in your home or are looking to update the color of your tile for a more modern look,  call us today and ask us about our bathroom tile resurfacing services. We use specialized fillers and compounds to fill in any cracks, holes, or missing grout lines, and once the reglazing process is complete, your tile will look brand new and will be easy to clean with a mild liquid cleaner.

Eliminate Caulk & Grout Lines

Tired of cleaning the grout lines in your bathtub or shower? Caulk and grout are both naturally porous materials, and are prone to collecting mold and mildew which can be difficult to clean. By combining the process of bathtub refinishing with bathroom tile resurfacing, We can eliminate those hard-to-clean caulk and grout lines, thus improving the appearance of your bathroom and making your cleaning chores a bit easier. Prior to the refinishing process, we will repair any damaged or missing caulking between the bathtub and the tile surround. Then, we can refinish both the tile and the bathtub simultaneously, creating a uniform, water-tight coating. There will no longer be any exposed caulk or grout lines, eliminating the possibility of mold or mildew build-up in those areas.


Tile refinishing combined with bathtub refinishing eliminates the need to caulk between the tub & tile, preventing mold and moisture problems. Specialized caulks are applied and then refinished over thus creating a sealed watertight unit.


 Acrylic & Fiberglass Surrounds

NCR also performs fiberglass and acrylic wall surround refinishing ! Bring that old outdated look back to life !

We can also repair your  damaged or faded acrylic or fiberglass bathtub surrounds. In most cases, our reglazing compounds are superior in durability to the original manufacturer specifications, and you will also notice an increase in the luster of your bathtub or shower surface. On top of that, your surround will be easier to clean after the refinishing process!


Countertop Refinishing

Kitchen Countertop Refinishing, Bathroom Vanity Refinishing made easy !

Looking to upgrade your outdated or damaged countertops in your kitchen or bathroom. Most countertops or cabinets are in great shape and only need a color change or have cuts, burns, chips or maybe just need a fresh new finish to modernize a room. It's interesting how a clean, attractive new shine on ordinary kitchen counters and cabintes can dramatically improve the look and feel of the room. Without even touching the walls or replacing the appliances, a skilled countertop or cabinet refinishing job can make your customers' kitchens seem larger, brighter and more comfortable.

These are precisely the results our clients are looking for, and we're standing by to provide you with the quality workmanship on our refinishing services. Our capabilities allow you to quickly and easily pick the exact colors you want for your kitchen decor so that the shining new counters perfectly complement their surroundings, and exciting product developments like the Stone-Flecks formula open the door to the most luxurious looking styles available.

Replacing countertops or bathroom vanities due to unsightly chips, stains, burns, or out-of-date colors can be a messy, expansive, and time consuming project. Not only do you have to pay to purchase and install the replacement countertops, but removal and disposal of the old counters can add to the cost. Also, as with replacing a bathtub, often the new countertop has different dimensions and requires expansive re-pluming for sink fixtures. However, all of these headaches can be avoided with the simple, inexpensive process of countertop refinishing. Refinishing costs add up to a fraction of those to replace countertops, and you can upgrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom to match your current decorating choices in a matter of hours, not days!